untitled antarctica

untitled antarctica is a generative installation utilizing glass, wood, sculptural video and sound. The installation is based on underwater terrain data, (acoustic imaging) of the glacier-carved earth beneath the Antarctic sea ice. The cut glass and CNC carved wood are informed by a data set that describes the deep dip at the fastest melting point off the Western coast of Antarctica. The sound is generatively altered using longitude and latitude based bathymetric data mapped to specific frequencies. The video is an algorithmic composite of bathymetric data that affects the video to realize shifting landscapes over time. Video stills were also extracted, transfered to film and then printed as silver gelatin prints.

Installation Images

Video Stills Transfered to Film and Printed as Silver Gelatin Prints


Map tracks of the bathymetric data around Antacrctica, the boat used to gather data, an image of a sub-bottom profile, the computer vision patch and data sonification patch used as part of the process,


UA Documentation, 2012