POLAR a solo retrospective showcases Clarke's multi-year inquiry starting in 2009 with a collaboration with Dr. Frank O Nitsche, Research Scientist, Marine Geology and Geophysics, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, looking at the bathymetric data recovered beneath the polar ice caps of Antarctica. In 2012 she investigated the northern polar region along the west coast of Greenland that retraced the steps of painter Willam Bradfard. This journey took her into the homes and towns of Greenlandic people who told their stories of ice that shaped her further investigations of the scientific data. Diving deep into the bathymetric data created by past glacial scours and gouges of the underwater landscape, and ecological implications that guide the narrative of the future polar ice caps in Antarctica and Greenland— Clarke explores tools and models for collaboration in new artistic engagements with the sciences. The result is a multi-channel, data-driven installation that dissects and reframes the relationships between data, nature, community and art. In allowing all elements to influence and reflect each other, Clarke creates a new speculative ecosystem that attempts to give shape to the invisible geological medium that is so hard to perceive and contextualize in everyday living.

Video for wall projection. Each wall video presented data from the respective pole 'noth' + 'south' texturing the submersed berg. The sound mixed data from both poles and field recordings from the Arctic.