glass managerie

Glass Menagerie presents a portable installation and a virtual reality experience commissioned by Brookhaven National Laboratories’ Center for Functional Nano Physics. Menagerie is also a platform for creating frameworks so that the scientists can create their own tree dimensional forms and virtual reality iterations using their own unique data sets. Art and Science have a long relationship in terms of innovating research and the application of new technologies. Menagerie is meant to inspire and also innovate ways in which scientists and others can perceive and render data narratives. The tiny gallery is transportable, as well as the virtual reality; workshops take place in tandem with the exhibits— so the experience creates a tremendous outreach and educational opportunity. And because we are creating a framework to reproduce three dimensional and virtual reality art it’s possible pieces and additions can be added and narratives in terms of the actual data presented might be able to shift. Menagerie has been presented at Brookhaven, the Library of Congress, Governors Island, Pioneer Works, and as part of Creative Tech Week 2019. Menagerie was created with the assistance of Brookhaven CFN scientists and Arts.Codes colleagues.